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Welcome to my terrible personal website! This is a place where you can read some of my writing, find links to publications in which my work has been featured, and stay abreast of my increasingly mundane existence.  (Keep in mind also that this site is a constant work-in-progress)

Update 1/9/2014: Okay... so I never update this site. It's true. But great things have happened since my last update. Namely, my collection, Forever, in Pieces, was released on December 9th to fairly rave reviews! Some amazing authors, including Richard Gavin, Paul Tremblay, Jonathan Moon, Adam Millard, and J. Daniel Stone have commented on it quite positively and it's received several glowing reviews from sites such as Horror Society and Horror Honeys. So what should you do? Click the link and buy a copy, of course. 

Update 10/20/2013: The release date for my collection approaches!  It will be out in mid-November.  Also, I'm working under contract on a scholarly monograph that appraises violence in American art and entertainment.  Big things constantly happening.

Update 8/1/2013: A great deal has happened since my last update. First and foremost, I have a fiction collection forthcoming from Villipede Publishing. The collection is titled Forever, in Pieces (also the title of one of the stories in the collection). I also have an ebook deal with Thought Catalog to write a scholarly evaluation of violence in American art and entertainment. And to cap it all off, I earned my Ph.D. a couple months ago and will receiving my diploma in just a few days. I'm also considering starting up a blog, and if I do so, I'll post the link here so that you can read all my various ramblings.

Update 2/28/2013: I'm now officially a member of the Horror Writers of America!  Hurrah!  Visit them at to see all the interesting tips and tidbits they provide for both horror writers and horror fans alike.

Update 7/31/2012: One of my academic works -- an article on hierarchical power structure in Toni Morrison's oeuvre -- was published in a small peer reviewed journal, Diesis (Issue 2.2). 

6/11/2012: I have a short story forthcoming in the anthology Fortune: Lost and Found from Omnium Gatherum media.  They seem to be a good little press with several notable publications under their belts (including a Shirley Jackson Award nominated novel). 

Update 2/16/2012: Two things: one, 100 Horrors from Cruentis Libri Press is now out and for sale on Amazon.  I have a little story in there that's well worth your time.  Two, I've decided to start publishing the opening bits of a novel-in-progress on wordpress.  You can read what I've posted at   Hopefully, what I write there will generate some interest.  (It's a pseudo-experimental work that deals with the apocalypse, if you were wondering)

Update 12/14/2011: Daily Frights 2012 is published and available for purchase on and direct from Pill Hill Press.  Happy Holidays!

Update 11/19/2011: I'll have two flash fic pieces in Daily Frights 2012 from Pill Hill Press now.  The second is a significantly expanded version of the micro fic "Lessons" that I had up on the site.  It's five times as long now, and a thousand times better!

Update 10/21/2011: Article is published and online.  Also, in the meantime, I've had two short fiction pieces accepted into anthologies from Cruentus Libri books (100 Horrors) and Pill Hill Press (Daily Frights 2012).  Double score.  I find I've been doing a lot of flash fiction writing lately, simply because I have too much academic work to shuffle through.  I hope this trend doesn't continue indefinitely, despite the fact that I do enjoy writing flash, as I feel it encapsulates the sublime or grotesque instants/moments that horror aims at producing.

Update 8/24/2011: Bad, bad fiction writer, perhaps... but good, good scholar, I suppose.  I have an article forthcoming in the Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies.  It deals with the semiotic repercussions of monstrous silence and the victimized scream in horror cinema. 

Update 3/18/2011: I've been neglecting this site in lieu of completing my Ph.D. work.  Bad, bad fiction writer. 

Update 2/9/2011: Why is contemporary writing judged by a standard of dynamism and immediacy?  I've been told numerous times that I sacrifice immediacy in my stories for framing devices... and I say "fine."  Why do we, as readers, perpetually need to be in the thick of action?  What's wrong with contemplative passages or stories explained?  As writers, are we not storyTELLERS?  We're supposed to relate a story to our audience.  We explain.  We give detail of both external and internal conflict.  And not every story has definable action that moves swiftly between interesting events.  So why try to force writing into this sort of kinetic whirlwind of activity?  Again, we're storytellers, not storySHOWERS.  This is one of the stupidest cultural evolutions - the idea that good writing should show rather than tell.  Showing is for television, it's for movies, it's for visual artists.  Showing is painterly writing.  But it's not the only type of writing, nor is it the clear-cut best.  Writerly writing also exists - the kind of writing that revels in dazzling prose and rich use of literary device, the kind of writing that twists metaphor and nearly consumes itself under the weight of philosophical or theoretical preponderance.  Yes, this sort of writing may not be popular within the contemporary cultural milieu, as we live in an age of instant gratification and hyperrealized action/thought, but that doesn't make it any less valuable or valid.  Despite the fact that we exist in an era of capitalist orgasm, the marketplace is not the arbiter of great writing.  In the same way that we read novels from the 18th century and sigh at the long, pedantic passages of seemingly pointless and arbitrary description, so, too will future readers read our contemporary literature and sigh at the lack of narrative depth, reflection, and introspection that comes as part and parcel of an ever-moving, ever more sensory-based brand of writing.

Update 10/26/2010: Michael Cunningham was on All Things Considered on NPR discussing my Three-Minute Fiction contribution.  Awesome.  Also, Zombie Nation: St. Pete is officially out and available for purchase.  The book premiere was Saturday and I had the opportunity to meet two-time Bram Stoker nominee Jeff Strand, who's also in the anthology.  A two-time Stoker nominee and me... how can this collection of stories not be amazing?

Update 10/4/2010: My flash fiction story "In Full Bloom" has been accepted for publication in Seasons in the Abyss, a trade PB anthology by Blood Bound Books.  Good stuff there.

Update 10/1/2010: My micro fiction story "For the Unhaunted" is one of the featured stories in NPR's fifth Three-Minute Fiction contest.  You can read the entire text on NPR's site or just click here.  If I win, my story will be read on NPR!  Great exposure.

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